The Torch - 06.19.18

Ann Wright Citizen Diplomat on Korean Peace Talks

Women Cross DMZ is a movement of women mobilizing to end the Korean War, reunite families, and ensure women’s leadership in peace building. We are joining forces with the Nobel Women’s Initiative, an organization that brings together six women Nobel peace laureates, to organize an international women’s delegation to South Korea prior to scheduled peace talks between North Korea and US President Donald Trump.

Nuclear War in Korea with Peace Activist Christine Ahn

The Doomsday Clock of the Federation of the American Scientists says we are just two minutes from midnight. The closest to the apocalypse sine 1953 at the end of the first Korean war. Will Donald Trump lead the world to the worst holocaust in 70 years? Will millions die in an apocalyptic inferno brought on by Trump's ego and ignorance? Discover the answers with our guest Christine Ahn of the Korea Policy Institute.

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