The Torch - 04.30.18

Petuuche Gilbert is Acoma Pueblo Native American activist. He's leading a struggle to save sacred Mt. Taylor called 'Kaweshti' in the Acoma language. He represents Laguna and Acoma Coalition for a Safe Environment (LACSE), which is one of five core groups in the MultiCultural Alliance for a Safe Environment ( MASE). MASE is a consortium of indigenous and environmental justice communities that have been adversely impacted by historic uranium mining and milling in the Grants Uranium Belt.

Lenny Foster founded the Navajo Nation Corrections Project and his work has been crucial in securing rights to Native American spiritual practice in prisons. His work is focused on religious freedom, self-determination and human rights. He is the Spiritual Advisor for more than 2,000 Native American inmates in ninety-six state and federal prisons in the Western United States. He is board member of the International Indian Treaty Council, a sun dancer and member of the Native American Church. He has been with the American Indian Movement (AIM) since 1969.

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